Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc.
Celebrating Seven  Years of Community Outreach and Advocacy 

Diabetes Support Group: C.U.B.S (Coping. Understanding. Bonding. Supporting)
Helping to understand the emotional, practical and social aspects of diabetes...
    At Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc., our goal is to provide a pillow of support to those affected by diabetes.

We offer education and group fellowship through our Diabetes Support Group, C.U.B.S..

C.U.B.S is a community collaborative partnership, in an innovative approach to aid those affected by diabetes to help them better understand the emotional, social, and viable aspects of diabetes.

Support group members learn factors that can lead to diabetes, and how they can make lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes. 

We encourage those affected by diabetes to get involved and join a support group to experience greater success; be encouraged by the success of others, and have the opportunity to learn about issues that affect people with diabetes.

Our support groups are facilitated by trained community health workers. We understand, and are dedicated to help support those on this journey. 

We offer: 
· Group Fellowship
· Emotional Support and Resources
· Diabetes Educational Topics
· Coping Approaches and Tips
· Encouragement
· Group Outings
· Occasional Guest Speakers

Our various support group meets once a month. We currently have 8 active groups. For meeting times and location, please click on your group of interest below.

Groups: (*Click on the Group Links for Meeting Times and Locations or email
Faith-Based Organization
Senior/Older Adult
Healthy DeKalb
Workplace Wellness

Upcoming Topics: (*Subject to Change Based on Community Need)

January Group Meeting: Vision of Health

February Group Meeting: Help Your Heart- Control Your Blood Pressure 

​March Group Meeting: What's in That? A Food Label Game, Nutrition Unscrambled

April Group Meeting: Keep Calm and Squeeze Stress Ball

May Group Meeting: Passport to Wellness, 'Ciao Cruising to Italy 

June Group Meeting: Fitness Ball! 20 Plays for Men

July Group Meeting: Ask the Pharmacy Q&A 

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